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Cupid & Psyche 85
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My song of the day is Pefect Way by Scritti Politti. You might start wondering: ‘wtf?’. Well please check out this video first and return later on to Melodiefabriek.

This composition is simply brilliant, please let me dig into it.

You have this intro with the clean guitar and then bang, they are modulating the key and start the verse. It blows my mind, that modulation is so sexy!
Then ‘apart from anyone’ comes in, and again they are modulating into the refrain. It’s a superb tension/release modulation. It’s a jazz-like modulation.

The modulation into the second couplet is mainly pushed by adding space and a drumbreak. Bang, right into that lovely couplet again. And take notice; these words are choosen carefully, the rhyming is slick and smooth.

Oh man, then they’re modulating into the refrain again. It is truly a mind blowing modulation. Gives me chills all over! Again and again.

Then the ‘middle8’ comes, I am not too fond of it mainly because of the piano. But they do it again: fast modulation into the couplet! Bang!

And wow, a final modulation into the lovely refrain again.

Any musician who wants to learn composition should hear this song, period!

Miles Davis did a cover of this song on Tutu. I have seen Miles perform live a couple of times, he always played this song.

Update: Is it just me or are the intro-strings referring to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho? Psycho – Psyche …


Best album EVER! I don’t know how many times I’ve bought tis album….due to hard partying….:-) Must at least be 5 or 6 times. The worst is….I think I need a new one!…lol

Except from “Perfect Way”, it’s packed with sparkeling songs, like “Absolute”, “Hypnotize” and so on. Not to forget the 12″ mixes!

It’s just amazing how much sound,loops, and instrumental suprises they managed to put in it!

My wish is that SP would do something that reminds me of this album, alltho’ I think GG never will:-(

For u people that don’t have it: RUN & BUY!!

Geir Stolpestad


Nobody knows want will end up on his new record. It is finished and will be released at Rough Trade. Here are some details:

Scritti Politti : TBA
Audio CD (April 10, 2006)

Number of Discs:1
Label: Rough Trade
Catalogue Number: RTRADCD270

Green did it on his own without David Gamson, so this might be very interesting. Green using Logic and Reason. I am sure it will be more than interesting… rather mind blowing I guess.

I still remember finding out about Anomie & Bonomie during a flight to Portugal/Lisbon. I had never expected that Green would do another record 11 years later. He did, so I decided to keep an eye on him. And here we are. I have just met the guy, had a beer and he told me he might have used some of my sounds I programmed for Reason 3…

lol……I know m8….
I’m in the Scrittigroup:-)

Good and exiting things 4 u!
I hope everything works out well:-))

I would love to sit with Green behind the computer, play guitar, bass, keys, sing backvocals (+ Dutch accent), chat and have some beers… but I guess these are just sweet dreams…


Green, let me know!

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