A STEREO Amp! [Boutique Amp]

Boutique Amp is a set of guitar amp sounds in ReFill format for users of Propellerhead Reason music software. When creating it I discovered many things. For example, the following…


The Softube Amp Rack Extension doesn’t come with a manual so I had to discover this myself: Although you may use a MONO input, Amp will always produce a STEREO sound. The STEREO image is not very wide but there will always be some movement between both channels. Have a look at the screenshot and you will see it. The source is the mono input signal from my guitar.

To find out what is causing this I send the outputs of both left and right to two separate mixer channels which were both panned to the center. Then I phase inverted one channel so only the sound differences could be heard. All MONO signals were phase cancelled, silenced, because of the phase inversion process. And then I noticed how all Cabinets contain a bit of STEREO ambience sound. Cool!

Although only one Cabinet preset is called ‘Room’ all Cabinet presets are in room ambience presets (the Room preset is simply a bigger sounding room).

Here’s my demo of what happens when you phase invert one of the output channels of Amp while switching between all 4 Amp Cabinets:

If you want Amp to sound MONO, you need to unplug the right output channel which goes into the right return of the Audio Track. You can also turn the Width of the channel on the SSL mixer all the way to the left.

The STEREO room ambience adds depth to the sound and sound like a very well recorded guitar amp. It adds that little magic to the sound. Well done Softube!

Boutique Amp is available in the shop for only $15, get it here.

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