Boutique Amp

Boutique Amp is a set of guitar amp sounds in ReFill format for users of Propellerhead Reason music software.


Boutique Amp ReFill gives you access to 59 classic guitar sounds which are build on the Softube Amp Rack Extension (included for free with Reason 8 or newer versions / can be bought separately for Reason 6.5 and Reason 7 users).

Main description

Included are 32 Amp patches which are great starting points for learning about any specific combination of the Softube Amp Rack Extension using Cabinet and Boost combinations. For all possible combinations the perfect patch was created. 4 Amps with 4 Cabinets, with Boost and without Boost makes: (4 x 4) x 2 = 32 Amps!

Also included are 24 custom designed Combinator patches which make use of either one or two Amps (bi-amping). The front panel of the Combinator is programmed in such a way you can quickly make changes, by altering the amount of overdrive, or switching additional effects on and off (like chorus, phaser, reverb, tremolo and echo), or even do complicated multiple parameter changes using one single button or pot control.

The Super Models folder contains 3 additional Combinator patches which are based on 3 classic Amp + Cab combinations. These patches will give you the pure tones of these Amps without additional effects like modulation, reverb or echo. These Super Models make use of several MClass Equalizer and Pulveriser devices before and after the Amp to shape the sound. They use a little more CPU power in exchange for a great guitar sound.

Format: zip-file (4,4 MB) including Boutique Amp.rfl version 2.5 (59 patches: 32 Amp patches & 27 Combinator patches which are compatible with Reason 6.5 or higher), readme.txt and Boutique Amp ReFill manual.pdf (14 pages full of detailed information)

Prices are excluding VAT. Will be charged for European customers only.

Download the manual

Boutique Amp ReFill manual (v2.5) (499.0 KiB, 4,011 hits)

NOTE: An OLD version of this ReFill is also available in the ReasonStudios Shop.

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