Sneak preview: Rockmen ReFill


I am working on a new package of sound patches in ReFill format for users of Propellerhead Reason music software called Rockmen. Guess it’s time for a sneak preview…

After I had finished creating the Boutique Amp ReFill I thought by myself: what if I would create another ReFill with great sounding guitar amp patches but without using an amp emulation device like Line 6, Softube Amp or Kuassa devices? Wouldn’t it be great if I could create my own amp modeling using the build-in EQ, compressor and saturation devices of Reason?

I am extremely happy with how this project is going. This ReFill will be a nice addition to the Boutique Amp ReFill. Of course all Boutique Amp users will get a discount!

!!! UPDATE !!! the Rockmen ReFill is now available in my shop: Rockmen ReFill

If you haven’t bought Boutique Amp yet, visit my shop to find out about this cool ReFill!

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