Boutique Amp user story: Ed Gool

Boutique Amp is a set of guitar amp sounds in ReFill format for users of Propellerhead Reason music software. One of the happy users is Ed Gool. Here is his story about it.

ed-goolEd Gool lives in the same town as where I live, The Hague (the Netherlands). We often meet at the weekly ‘Opuh Koffie’ (open coffee) The Hague. This is where I first mentioned that I was creating the Boutique Amp ReFill.

Last week he shared his story with me:

The reason to purchase Reason 8, was the announcement of the Boutique Amp ReFill. A Fender Stratocaster, inherited from my brother, stood in a corner gathering dust for lack of a good guitar amplifier.

The upgrade to Propellerheads Reason 8 came with the free Softube Amp which combined with this Boutique Amp ReFill offers a choice of several great sounding amplifiers, each with its own characteristic sound: The Edge, The Rolling Stones, Jimi.

They are inspiring patches and the Strat … is played again daily.

Here are 2 of Ed his songs on which he uses the sounds of the Boutique Amp ReFill:

Ed is also a great photographer. Check out his The Daily Photo. Or find him on Twitter: @Oenkenstein.

P.S. If you are a Boutique Amp ReFill user and want to share your story, please go ahead and contact me about it!

Boutique Amp is available in the shop for only $15, get it here.

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  1. Happy Hotelier February 5, 2015 at 9:53 pm #

    Well done!
    and go on!

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