Boutique Amp ReFill available at Propellerhead Shop


My Boutique Amp ReFill (latest version 2.0) is now available at both the Propellerhead Shop as well as my own Melodiefabriek Shop. It gives you access to 57 classic guitar sounds which are build on the Softube Amp Rack Extension.


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  1. darko February 15, 2016 at 7:48 pm #

    Man, you are a lifesaver ….. I must admit I am not very good at programming ( yet ). I primarilly play guitar in a rock band and make some own rock music, choosing Reason lately to do that. I allways tried to make my sounds through Line 6 amp in Reason, lately through Scream, I was able to get relative good sounds that way, and was a bit dissapointed about sound Through Softube amp. Than I found your refill, bought it …… and now I play through your patches, with a big smile on my face, just cant believe it. Really excellent work, I had no clue you could get so good sounding Wah using synthesizer in Reason ……. Trully thank you, keep doing good work. Those patches are, if you ask me, worth pure gold.

    Best regards, Darko Poprijan ( Slovenia )

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