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Hear me scream :)

It’s a bit of a long story but I’ll try like to keep it short. I’ve played guitar in a few bands. And one of them was called Bon. We had a great live band and did some great live gigs in the Netherlands. Some radio shows too. But things changed as soon as we […]

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CC Salon Amsterdam

The first Creative Commons Salon in Amsterdam (yesterday evening) was a big succes. Lots of people went to see it. It will repeat from now on every two months! Sylvain Zimmer of the excellent Creative Commons based label, Jamendo: Creative Commons is becoming mainstream! I agree, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, you name it, they are all […]

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Mastering the Creative Commons CD and more

Creative Commons Nederland has organized a contest for musicians and video artists some time ago. My track Cuckoo (with the lovely vocals of Lisa DeBenedictis) got selected. Video-makers were then asked to create some derivative videos. This resulted in a CD and DVD, well wait… almost, after I have mastered those CD tracks that is […]

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