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andersIt’s a bit of a long story but I’ll try like to keep it short.

I’ve played guitar in a few bands. And one of them was called Bon. We had a great live band and did some great live gigs in the Netherlands. Some radio shows too. But things changed as soon as we went into the studio. Neither the drummer, bassplayer or keyboardplayer were longer involved and they were all so good! I didn’t like that. I also couldn’t get along musically with the producer Rick de Leeuw. So after 3 days of recordings I felt like like I should quit the band. And so I did.

The singer of the band, Pieter Bon who was responsible for not inviting the other band members, was not happy with that. We broke all communication. The CD was, and still is being sold, but I was never aware of it. I even thought that all my guitarparts would be deleted and that Pieter would ask someone else. How wrong I was when I was listening to an audio-stream of last night radio program Wintertijd. Pieter Bon, the singer of that band was one of the guests and played the song ‘terug’ and sure: I could smell my guitarplaying straight away 🙂 Here’s a little quote (fair use BUMA people!), my guitar solo:

Marco’s ‘terug’ solo


Wow!! So on the Props board when asked if these rex files were made with R3, James Bernard replied, “They are NOT made with synths from Reason 3. They are all from one modular synth. ” I initially thought that meant he created them with a different app entirely until I read this. So, this definitely means something new is on the horizon, eh?

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