Mastering the Creative Commons CD and more

Creative Commons Nederland has organized a contest for musicians and video artists some time ago. My track Cuckoo (with the lovely vocals of Lisa DeBenedictis) got selected. Video-makers were then asked to create some derivative videos. This resulted in a CD and DVD, well wait… almost, after I have mastered those CD tracks that is 🙂

I am asked to do the mastering of the CD. It will probably take some small level corrections, a bit compression here and there, or maybe even small EQ corrections. The tracks which are selected are of high quality, so I think this will be an easy job for me. You can check them out in mp3-format here:

And while we’re on the subject of Creative Commons: next week on the 13th of December 2006, the first Creative Commons Salon in Amsterdam (Melkweg, starting around 20:30 pm) will take place. The Creative Commons Nederland CD and DVD will be released during the evening, but also Sara Kolster & Derek Holzer of and Sylvain Zimmer of Jamendo will talk about their work. And the band We Vs Death will perform live.

It will be an interesting evening!

Check: @ Upcoming


Congratulations on “cuckoo”.

Derek Holzer posted some really cool things at, so it would be interesting to hear him speak on that topic.

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