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Chuffed because of the Guardian

Check this out. At the bottom of the page you’ll find this link ‘Useful link’ which links to the Scritti Politti fansite bibbly-o-tek I am managing with Ellen, Ernst and John. That website was started by us 2(!) months ago. 2 months and it’s already a major source for Scritti Politti archived material and all […]

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My Stockholm pictures

Last year when I went to meet Propellerhead in Stockholm, Sweden, I made some pictures. I uploaded these pictures to Flickr under a Creative Commons license. And now they are used for this very cool Schmap Stockholm Guide! An example of the power of the internet, Flickr and Creative Commons all combined into one! Update: […]

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Art of Pop

foto by HitsHerMark Probably because of my involvement with Scritti I started listening to pop music a lot lately. In the past I recorded many pop-tunes, but just a few ended up being used for a CD release. Most of the stuff was either unfinished or simply low quality 4-track recordings. But to make a […]

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Ableton Live demo voor VPRO’s 3voor12

The Dutch VPRO have asked me to compose a special song for the release party of ‘3voor12 plundert musea’. This project is based on high quality recorded samples which the VPRO has published under a Creative Commons BY-license. All compositions created by amateurs as well as professionals are released under a Creative Commons license as […]

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