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Probably because of my involvement with Scritti I started listening to pop music a lot lately.

In the past I recorded many pop-tunes, but just a few ended up being used for a CD release. Most of the stuff was either unfinished or simply low quality 4-track recordings. But to make a long story short: I want to record a few pop tunes this year. No matter what happens! Just a bunch of well written catchy pop tunes!


This has real potential. I love pop music, but am not able to create any.
I can do a bit of folk music, so I’ve been experimenting with that lately.
But if I can ever find a plug-in that makes my mountain dulcimer sound like the rock band Mountain, then I’ll no doubt have a my rocker phase. My belief is that all ambient music should last 2 minutes a song, because if the Ramones could do it all in 2 minutes, so should everyone.

I’d decided, by the way, that June is to be my “download a DiSfish record collection” month. There’s too many interesting things, and it’s time to burn a few on CD and donate.

Thanks! Not sure how my pop will sound like, but you’ll probably will be able to hear Prefab Sprout, Scritti Politti, Todd Rundgren and Steely Dan influences all over the places 🙂 Not that I don’t like the Ramones, because I do. But my background is jazz and I just love the offset the more complex chords can bring to a melody. Brazilian music has this combination. That’s why I love Djavan so much. As well as many other Brazilian artists…

I’m with you on that one–I don’t think of the Ramones as pop, either, and prefer Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren or someone like the Sundays for my pop fixes.

Oh! i’m sorry, Marco. I mean C2C. Anyway check them – those french guys are amazing! there are some videos of them making cool stuff with their turntables, and one with a guy from C2C in the studio [WOW!]

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