Ableton Live demo voor VPRO’s 3voor12

vproplundertThe Dutch VPRO have asked me to compose a special song for the release party of ‘3voor12 plundert musea’.

This project is based on high quality recorded samples which the VPRO has published under a Creative Commons BY-license. All compositions created by amateurs as well as professionals are released under a Creative Commons license as well. Yeah, super!

For this event, a release party of the first winners of the ‘3voor12 plundert musea’ contest, I will compose a special song. This song will be demonstrated by me using Ableton Live, showing you how you can tweak and mangle samples and create something new out of it.

The winners will receive 250 copies of their songs on vinyl! Yeah, cool!

Details: 16th of May at Studio 80, Amsterdam. Doors open at 8:30 PM.

I guess it will be fun; me, a laptop, a keyboard, a mic and a projector 🙂 See you there!

Update: Check this 🙂


That’s great. You’re becoming a celebrity. I must remember to call you “sir” :).

Where is the least expensive place to get an authorized and appropriate copy of Reason, do you think?

Of course, if I succumb to Reason, can Ableton Live be far away?

Not to mention that I’m about to upgrade my Anvil Studio to the paid version.

At this pace, I must eBay all my chess books.

Congratulations on the release party! That’s a fun way to show your support for the Commons.

Thanks. Not sure what’s the cheapest place to buy Reason. Ableton and Reason is a very combo. I use it all the time. I haven’t used Cubase or Nuendo in a long time. Which is a pitty because that software really costs a ton and crashes way too much in my opinion…

Update: forgot to mention my Reason lens.

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