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ReasonBanks, 3 years old now

I kinda missed it: ReasonBanks is 3 years old now. I told Andras I would write a little history, but forget to do so. How stupid of me! So I probably write a little history about ReasonBanks tomorrow and post about it later that day.

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Morph the Cat

  Any sound-engineer loves Steely Dan for it’s superb sound. Me too. But the music is the main thing. Aja for example is one of the best albums ever. A few days ago Donald Fagen, singer and keyboard-player of Steely Dan, released his 3rd solo album: Morph the Cat. It’s a brilliant album. And the […]

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The gap between old and new media

Yesterday, I attended a workshop for p2p television at Felix Meritis, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The event was organized by Creative Commons Nederlands. It was a great meeting mainly because BoingBoing‘s Cory Doctorow also showed up with his highspeed talk and his sticker-laptop. The BBC also had a talk about online streaming video and radio. And […]

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Easier is better

foto by me I used to be very picky when it comes to sound. Well, I still do 🙂 But one of the things which has changed is that I now love a bit of hum and noise while in the past I would try anything to solve these ‘issues’. Yesterday evening I recorded a […]

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I took out the SA attribute of the CC license I was using. Share-alike, but I don’t mind. Not anymore. And why would I? If you want to remix my work non-commercially, go ahead and choose the license which fits you best. Still no clue what this all means? Well: you can share my work, […]

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Talent or money?

Don’t you love that pimped-up half-baked shit which is on national radio all day long? Don’t you love those video-clips with naked women showing their asses? You want that too, right? The only thing you need is money. No talent please, just money. link

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Add Common sense to CC

Attribution. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor. link I think everyone understands this. But things get more complicated when adding other Creative Commons attributes to the license. For example NC, non-commercial, to protect the work from being used in commercial works, or from being sold for money. […]

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Warner Bros. using CC?

Creative Commons, Warner Bros. Records, and Machine Shop Recordings are proud to present the Fort Minor Remix Contest. Fort Minor is offering the separated audio elements of “Remember the Name” online under a Creative Commons BY-NC license, so that producers all over the world can easily create remixes of the hit song. That sounds very […]

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Ali Farka Toure passed away today

Such a fantastic musician, powerfull and with a great personality. My favorite African artist ever. Ali: If you know something and don’t want to share it, then you are selfish. You came after someone, and someone else will come after you. You can’t learn the entire sea by heart. No. That is why god created […]

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