Morph the Cat


Any sound-engineer loves Steely Dan for it’s superb sound. Me too. But the music is the main thing. Aja for example is one of the best albums ever.

A few days ago Donald Fagen, singer and keyboard-player of Steely Dan, released his 3rd solo album: Morph the Cat. It’s a brilliant album. And the sound is so well balanced, dynamic and all musicians are playing with passion. What more do you need?

Most music thesedays is very computerized, but this album has human feel all over the place. The beats have actual grooves, instead of dead quantized beats. Yes, the beats/grooves are mind blowing. The harmonies are the icing on the cake, so really deep stuff is going on here. ‘The Great Pagoda Of Funn’ has some harmonies which reminded me of Todd Rundgren’s music. Both Fagen and Rundgren are using these 4/11 chords without using the third. So you get these floating harmonies which are causing tension in a subtle way. Deep heavy stuff!

So yeah, definitely check this album out!

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