Archive | March, 2006

For those who don’t like presets

Today I noticed something funny when reading the Sounding Off column of Sound On Sound magazine. One of its most famous sounds was the flutely noise in the middle eight of ‘Sledgehammer’, also by Mr Gabriel We all remember that track and that sound, right? Well it’s one of the most obvious presets I can […]

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Ubuntu Studio

I am mainly a Windows user and I am not at all interested in the next version of Windows, Vista. Don’t have a clue what will be changed or added, but I heard rumours that they changed the audio driver’s model again. Sure, most professionals are using ASIO instead of WDM, but even then: Vista […]

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Apple makin’ it worse

Like I wrote before. I think both Apple and Microsoft are acting like little children, protecting their work with DRM and not allowing their own formats to be played on the competition’s mediaplayers. But now they are making things worse. Apple has criticised a French law that could break the locks tying songs from the […]

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wear something green !

Paradiso, Amsterdam on the 30th of March. Why? Because Green will be performing at the first official Scritti Politti gig at Paradiso, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, after abandoning the stage for over 26 years! My idea: everyone who is going to come to the gig should wear something green! Already many fans around the globe who […]

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