Reason Drum Kits 2

Today my friends at Propellerhead Software are announcing Reason Drum Kits 2. I was one of the beta-testers and I can tell you: it is a killer ReFill!

By the way, I created this song with it 🙂


I’ve already ordered RDK2 after hearing and playing around with it on a friend’s rig. (Wish I had discovered RDK before ordering BFD!!)

Marco, are there many additional MIDI drum files in RDK2? That was one of the best features of v.1, in my opinion.

Regards, MD

I have to say: I don’t know really. I have installed RDK2 for some time and I can’t remember how many of these MIDI-files did come with RDK1.

If you want, contact me and I can check how many MIDI-files are included in version 2.

Well, I’ll find out this evening, 4 show 🙂 My copy was delivered right after I left for work.

Listening to your song as I write…cool stuff Marco!

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