Propellerhead Ernst loves DRM

Propellerhead Ernst says: ‘I love DRM!’.

Ernst: I don’t agree! DRM is an evil system. It’s like showing your identity card in the bars you visit daily, the neighbors you meet on the street, and even your wife wants you to show your identity card. Every time you need to say: yes, it IS me, I bought this bloody thing!

Some time ago I bought some of the Weed files, WMA only (they are as bad as Apple’s AAC files). When I moved them to my laptop, the Weed files needed to be ‘cleared’ using online verification! Come on!

Sure this Weed-system wants to know where this file is playing, on what kind of machine, the user who is doing it, how many files he already bought at Weed etc. That’s what I call an EVIL system!

And also, DRM just totally kills fair use (*). That sucks even harder!

I believe in Creative Commons and not in DRM. We need open standards in an open and free culture!

Buying DRM protected files is really like buying a Trojan horse, a spy in the house of lords. And do you remember that song Disco Ernst?

* = Tell me Ernst, were’s fair use in the music industry? The whole Roland-inspired ReBirth design was based on fair use, so you should know better!

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