MONO check for Reason

Most of you might think that listening to music in mono is old-fasioned and not interesting at all. Sure, stereo can achieve a better listening experience in most cases, but you won’t believe how many people are still using mono-systems everyday.

Old television-sets, bedroom tv-sets, kitchen-radio, cheap headsets, multimedia-speakers, anwering machines, wait-call systems, systems with one broken speaker, mobile-phones etc. In short: if your music sounds good in mono, your music might serve many more people.

Please download my example-file first, here:

So I created this MONO-check Combinator. It makes sense to put it as the last device in your Reason-rack, but you can put it anywhere you would like of course. It can be a quick reference checkon mono compatibility (‘Mono switch’ button, lighting up means=mono).

It was simple to add a few more additional features which come in handy too:

  • Audio is routed as double mono signal, so both channels can be panned for changing the stereo image instead of one pan pot for the whole stereo-channel. This offers more flexibility. You can make some sources sound ‘smaller’. Because of this, this Combi works fine as insert as well.
  • I also included a Soft Clipping protection with an on/off switch (‘Limit the Peaks’ button, lighting up means=active).

Happy experimenting!

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