DRM is dead

I am sure that a lot of you will agree that DRM is evil. But some recent disaster makes it even worse. One word: Sony.

The Sony BMG DRM spyware makes it very easy for computers to be infected with spyware and viruses. And yes, Macs too!

But maybe the worst thing is that Sony is infringing the copyright of several open source projects. So if Sony says they want to protect someone’s copyright, why are they simply ripping people like Matti Nikki who wrote the fantastic code for VLC (a free cross-platform media player)? How lame is that!

So Sony is stealing code from Open Source projects without using a GNU GPL license themselves. And use it for evil spyware installation-routines!

Sony admitted some of the issues a week ago, and created an un-installer which makes it even more worse and easier to break into a computer with virusses and spyware! So worldwide people are saying to NOT use the un-installer of Sony.

You may ask yourself again: why are they turning something so bad and evil into a disaster? I mean, this could simply mean the end of Sony. If your own customers who bought your music, CD’s etc. are now being infected I can totally understand them if they would never buy a product of Sony again.

I never ever will buy a Copy Controlled CD again. I stopped doing this months ago, simply because I could not rip those disks onto my harddrive. And yes, for like 20 EUR I want to do that because it is MY product and I payed for it!

More information can be found on lots of websites, p2p.net or at Boing Boing for example.

Update 1: more in-depth information, via Digg.
Update 2: EFF Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Sony BMG
Update 3: Sony was warned and knew exactly that their rootkits were installing serious spyware!

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