Apple makin’ it worse

Like I wrote before. I think both Apple and Microsoft are acting like little children, protecting their work with DRM and not allowing their own formats to be played on the competition’s mediaplayers.

But now they are making things worse.

Apple has criticised a French law that could break the locks tying songs from the iTunes store to iPod players.

In a statement Apple said that if the law were passed it would result in “state-sponsored piracy”.

I totally agree with Cory Doctorow’s view on the matter:

This is intensely hypocritical. Apple ships millions of iPods holding up to 10,000 songs. Most customers for 60GB iPods have fewer than 10,000 songs’ worth of CDs and no one is buying $10,000 worth of iTunes. While there’s a certain amount of public domain and Creative Commons music likely to end up on iPods, and some video these days, there’s no question that Apple’s iPod business is built on the average customer’s need for a way to take her/his unauthorized music downloads on the road.

Please people, let’s raise some awareness about this issue because this is an evil act. It’s not about copyright, it’s not about music, art or creativity. It’s all about money. Money which will not end up in the musician’s pockets.

Update: Some serious raised awareness of Erwin Blom (VPRO, Dutch-tv). Cheers Erwin!


I totally disagree with Cory here. Cory’s whole point hinges on claims that Apple is hypocritical for shipping units capable of holding tens of thousands of albums when few people own that many. The point is dishonest at best. The iPod supports Apple Lossless, which averages between 250 and 350 megs per full CD. I can’t fit half of my own music collection on it, and save for a few iTMS singles I bought online, I own the CD for every last song in my collection.

Mmm, I don’t think many people are using Lossless. I guess only 1% knows what it means. Maybe even less.

The main point is DRM is stupid because it doesn’t take customers seriously. Both Microsoft and Apple are doing this and are treading consumers like criminals.

And with those iTunes songs… it’s .99 dollar cents. That ain’t cheap for a download at 128 kbps AAC + DRM!

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