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Thor - Reason 4

Today Propellerhead announced Reason 4. Reason 4 includes the new synth Thor, the RPG-8 arpeggiator, the ReGroove mixer and a more matured sequencer. The cool thing is: I am using Reason 4 since October 2006 and it rocks!

October 2006? Yes, I was involved in the patching/sound design. I have created 60 Thor patches and 30 new Combinator sounds. As most of you already know: I was also involved in the sound design for Reason 3, which brings the total number of patches created by my company Melodiefabriek to more than 270!

On the Propellerhead website you can find several sounds created with Thor.


October 2006??!!!?? No need to rub it in our faces as most of us Pheads are already full of envy as it is!!LOL R4 looks fantastic and I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival. BTW, the patch examples sound excellent. I’m really digging the FunkyFatBoy patch and the other bass patch listed at the Prop’s site. It has that wonderful bottom end that I’m always chasing after. This release should silence at least half the critics and whiners as they seemed to have addressed quite a few popular requests. Can’t wait!!!

Yes, October 2006. And the last beta I have here hasn’t crashed at all. Been using that since last December I think.

Beta-testing is fun. I will probably start doing that soon too. Go for it!

Great stuff, I still remember when we were all beta testing for reason 2. Dang! 5 years already. That was a great summer.

Those patches examples sound great, always quality stuff from you, just like the first patches you started releasing for subtractor back in the day.

@disruptor: I can also remember those times. Beta testing was always fun. I even recorded some music for Heineken using the beta-version of Reason 3. On the edge, but it did work 🙂

@Arnoud: dank je!

… PHS – Propellerheads ! I’m only asking because you mentioned that you’ll betatesting soon again …

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