Herbie Hancock seems to like us

herbieToday Herbie Hancock ordered the ReasonBanks PRO.TON2 Refill. This is a historical moment for me because I love Herbie’s music! That superb stuff he did with Miles in the 60’s, the Headhunters, Rockit… you name it!

If you are a Propellerhead Reason 3 user, do check out our patches One Finger Herbie (Combinator) and HeyHerbie! (Subtractor). Those patches are created last year, but maybe it has someting to do with this order of Herbie…

… I am thinking he might have listened to my demosong ‘from Budapest to The Hague’ first and then decided to order it. Who knows? We have send him an email, but no reply yet…

Herbie, click here 😉

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