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For a couple of months I have been working on a project for Dutch Public Radio (RVU /// educatieve omroep) called Flick Radio. It was aired on radio last friday at Radio 5. Since the Dutch ‘Publieke Omroep’ is a non-profit organization I always felt they should start using Creative Commons licenses so everyone can share and re-use that material.

Flick Radio is one of the first projects for Dutch Public Radio which falls under a Creative Commons license. Hopefully more people and production companies will follow soon. Creative Commons is the future no doubt. It’s all about sharing these days. Prosumers, active consumers.

Flick Radio is based on a true story: a writer who meets an American girl called Kendra on Flickr.com. The dialogs are for a great part taken off the internet, comments on Flick photo’s for example. In a mosaic like method the script was created. And reality became fiction again.

The scriptwriter is Bert Kommerij, an award winning radiomaker for Dutch Radio. Flick Radio is a radio drama. A film without images.

Most of the voice-tracks and the music will be uploaded to remix-websites like ccMixter, so people will be able to remix our work. We’re more than curious what happens!

The ‘making of …’ I have published on my Dutch weblog. At the moment we’re also working on a video-version for Flick Radio. And don’t worry, we will translate everything from Dutch to English for you. Stay sharp!

I did most of the music and sound design, but we also re-used some of the excellent music of ccMixter. Here’s the full credit-list:

  • I wish – Marco Raaphorst
  • Mijn profielnaam – Marco Raaphorst
  • Grip – Marco Raaphorst
  • Personage – Marco Raaphorst
  • Meaningful – Marco Raaphorst
  • Untitled 2 – Teru
  • Van moment naar moment – Marco Raaphorst
  • What if … – Vincent Vega 11
  • What else … – Marco Raaphorst
  • Blowing Snow – Marco Raaphorst
  • Tags – Marco Raaphorst
  • Second Life – Marco Raaphorst
  • America land for sure – Marco Raaphorst
  • Wonderlijk personage – Marco Raaphorst
  • Don Quioxte – Narva 9
  • Jumpshots – Marco Raaphorst
  • Ending the drought (featuring Shagrugge) – Gurdonark
  • Hier op de kade – Marco Raaphorst
  • What is wild? – Marco Raaphorst
  • I got to spread the love some way, somehow – Marco Raaphorst
  • Photo theme: Yellow Flowers – Antony Raijekov
  • Je wacht – Marco Raaphorst
  • Combis43 – Marco Raaphorst
  • Roestige Boot – Marco Raaphorst
  • Niet te snel, niet te snel – Marco Raaphorst

Idea, script and control: Bert Kommerij.
Music and sounddesign: Marco Raaphorst.
Studiotechnique and voice control: Jaap Vermeer.
Video: Pepijn Kortbeek.
Advice: Piet Marsman.
Final control: Monique Mourits.

Narrator: Bert Kommerij.
Kendra: Andel Sudik.
Anonymous girl: Lobke van Beuzekom.

Have a listen:

Technical details: Voices were recorded in ProTools. All music and editing was done in Ableton Live 6. Reason 4 was used for additional sounds.


[…] Flick Radio, a radio drama for which I have composed the music (we’ve also re-used a bunch of our ccMixter collegues’ music), is now also a video. This video was presented in Hilversum, Holland, during the NPOX festival two days ago. The compliments the whole team behind Flick Radio received were overwhelming. Flick Radio will get a lot more viewings at art-festivals and probably television too. […]

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