Weekend Edition (week 41)

“Spotify doesn’t seem to care about malicious javascripts” and other stories…

What leads to creative succes? Here’s an interesting piece on improving your skills, creating a lot, perfectionism and that kind of stuff:
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Someone who has created a lot of stuff and who still creates, is Bob Dylan. This week he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature 2016:

“for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”

There’s no Nobel Prize for music by the way. Go figure! Anyways, here’s one of Bob’s best tracks in a cover version of Jimi Hendrix (which Bob also preferred over his own version):

This is another example of what Brian Eno calls the work of a Scenius. Hendrix’ rework of Bob’s song created this better version of the song.

“Genius is individual, scenius is communal,” Eno told the Guardian, in 2010.) It suggests that the quality of works produced in a certain time and place is more indebted to the friction between the people on hand than to the work of any single artist.

Brian Eno in The New Yorker

This post is also mentioned in the first link I mentioned but do consider reading it: ‘Kanye West Is Fixing His Album in Public. You’ll Want to Read the Edits.’ It’s about Kanye fixing and changing stuff for his last album over and over again and republishing it. It will never be perfect, so Kanye keeps editing it, it seems.

And by the way: some say the album is a dead format. Some say it’s bullshit.

This week I have been testing some new rack extensions for Reason. One of them is a Fuzz. Big fun:


And did you know The Legend sounds as cool as a real Minimoog? It does and it can do some things a real Minimoog can’t, for example:


Btw a few weeks ago I noticed how Spotify free automatically opened a few malicious websites in my browser!?!?! I am on OSX, but a few hours later a Windows user in the Netherlands reported this on Twitter:


I found some more complaints like that. Spotify is using an ad-system in their software which is capable of running malicious javascripts! I then deleted Spotify from my MacBook Pro and deleted it from my iPhone. This is probably only the case when using the free ad-supported version of Spotify. However it made one thing very clear to me: Spotify doesn’t seem to care about malicious javascripts… That’s insane!

Well anyway, have a nice weekend!

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