Justin Timberlake has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2016

The Eurovision Song Contest 2016 sounded lame and overproduced. Except for one performance.

Check out the performance of Justin Timberlake yesterday evening at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Feel the groove of his highly dynamic performance at the #ESC16.

It is very obvious: his band is performing live. No other participant was allowed to do that since they were all singing to an instrumental accompaniment track. And those tracks sounded way too much overproduced, too balanced and lacking the rawness and natural dynamics a live performance needs. How stupid is that?

Also notice how Justin’s band uses these nifty harmonic changes and breaks. No other participant of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 was able to pull that off either.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2016 sounded lame and overproduced. I hope next year they will allow participants to bring their own bands. Because killing dynamics, it is really killing music in my opinion!


Bizar gewoon, dat bij een urenlange liveuitzending de muziek niet live mag zijn. Zullen we een referendum beginnen? 😉

Is wel complex trouwens. Elk bandje heeft unieke mix nodig. Ombouwtijd op een festival is tenminste 15 minuten. En dat dus voor 26 bands… Vroeger werd een orkest ingezet.

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