One of my heros


thanks for the link raapie!
I love/hate how miles smokes while coltrane plays his butt off… and the way coltrane plays with the eyes closed while miles has them wide open…
… i cannot place it in time tho.. the track is obviously so what, but i think this show is pre-59? there’s no cannonball nor evans… do you have any clue? and who’s the piano player? cheers, p.

yes, i think so cos i just checked miles’ bio and red garland left the group just before the kind of blue sessions

ehr, ehm i think he IS reg garland… this is probably one of the last shows he did with davis…
after Garland left, Cannonball Adderley and Evans joined the group and they recorded kind of blue… i knew so what was already in the repertoire of the group before the record was made… this is the proof

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