Must see lecture by Todd Rundgren (New York, 2013)

Red Bull Music Academy did a lecture with Todd Rundgren back in 2013. A MUST see!

Red Bull Music Academy did a lecture with Todd Rundgren back in 2013. How could miss that one? …

Todd is a songwriter and producer I admire since childhood. I have seen him perform here in Holland several times at the Paradiso. But even if you’re not a fan of his music this lecture is a must see because Todd is a true wizard and a true star. He’s a music pioneer and a deep thinker. Like Bowie he was pro internet. And Todd had serious ideas about streaming music many years before Napster was invented. I acknowledge his view on the music industry (historical mistake of the music industry: attacking their own customers).

Todd goes deep into his own super interesting musical past. He talks about how he found ways to add additional notes to chords to broaden the world of major and minor. And like me he’s a long time fan of Propellerhead Reason software. We’re both using the slogan “my laptop is my studio”. ( I see a connection here…)

A super interesting part of this lecture is when Todd talks about the healing power of music. Todd believes that we can heal ourselves through music. Because its all in our brains. So music can go way beyond being just entertaining. Well, THAT is deep stuff.

Nice one Todd (and Red Bull)! Thanks!


Todd Rundgren in 1979 was talking about interactive music and the internet as a creative medium. Always up on new technology and paying attention to changes in the business. All that and a genius musician and artist. Cheers Todd.

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