filling the gap


How crazy the mind works. Suddenly you are thinking about updating a weblog you’ve stopped updating for over a year or so. And trying to maintain it too. This blog,

Melodiefabriek is still going strong as a company. Founded by me, now over 6 years ago. I’ve done some interesting composition work over the last couple of years. And my activism work for a more open and useful copyright system, Creative Commons, is very successful. So suddenly I became a public speaker on these subjects. And being asked for radio interviews, newspapers writing about me and my work and more stuff like that. At the moment my Masterclass “the Art of Sampling” is getting great responses. Next month I will be at the SAE, Amsterdam, showing sound examples of the thin line between original works and ‘stealing’.

My Dutch weblog became popular in the Netherlands. I have won a price with it, Dutch Bloggie for the Best Music Weblog 2007. Because Dutch is my native language, that blog is the best way for me to go deeper into subjects which I am passionated about. I also try to publish a weekly composition which I call KlankBeeld Raaphorst.

Let’s hope I can maintain this blog with the future projects I will be working on. Thanks for hanging out here!

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