Picnic ’06, my photo’s

Day 1

Picnic '06, Hammock 1 Picnic '06, Hammock 2 Picnic '06, Hammock 3 Picnic '06, hert Picnic '06, Hammock 4
Picnic '06, green grass 1 Picnic '06, green grass 2 Picnic '06, Hanzo:web Picnic '06, paneldiscussion 'Cities as digital communities' Picnic '06, Job Cohen

Day 2

Guido van Nispen Picnic '06, outdoors picnic Picnic '06, who's mowing the grass? Picnic '06, John de Mol Picnic '06, Lost boys... Picnic '06, co-founder Macromedia, Marc Canter, in het oranje Picnic '06, MTV Picnic '06, journalist Ben Hammersley full of passion Picnic '06, de unknown DJ...

Day 3

Picnic '06, Régine Debatty of we-make-money-not-art.com Picnic '06, full! Picnic '06, lunch with Martijn Verver and Peter van Ingen Picnic '06, Nieuwe Reporter Martijn de Waal Picnic '06, Andrew Day of World Directories (Yellow Pages) Picnic '06, Lorraine Twohill (Marketing Dir. Google Europe) Picnic '06, 'Creative business leaders debate'
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Those 3 days at Picnic ’06 were super cool. Hard work for me since I was writing daily reports for De Nieuwe Reporter.

One of the most amazing announcements during Picnic ’06 by Matt Locke of the BBC: the BBC no longer has departments for radio and television. They are no longer are focused on the media, because it can be anything these days: iPods, television, mobile phones etc.

My conclusions? The Internet and mobile communication devices are the future. They will have a stronger impact on our daily lives than radio and television ever had. A true revolution is going on; power to the creative people!

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