Having fun with Mimic by Reason Studios

The new sampler from Reason Studios, Mimic (a CREATIVE sampler) is great fun. It’s great for quick and dirty sample mangling. It has for example MPC-like slicing but it also has the fantastic Reason time-stretching algorithms build-in. It’s a bit like the Ableton Simpler device but time-stretching does sound way better in Mimic. Must say it does lack oversampling like all Reason devices, but other than that I think it is a cool device.

Here are a few measures I build this morning using legato in Mimic to repitch the loop:

Mimic Creative Sampler is available as early access to Reason+ subscribers. Early access is a sort of beta testing thing since Mimic is not yet 100% finished. I am still bug reporting things as we speak…

P.S. CDM wrote a nice blogpost for this nifty device.

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