Interview Marc Weidenbaum (video) about Sonic Frame installation with my music

I already felt honoured that my music was chosen by Marc Weidenbaum for the Sonic Frame installation which can be seen and heard until the end of this month (February 2015) at the San Jose Museum of Art (California, USA). And I feel honoured again today now that the San Jose Museum of Art also uses my piece for the video-interview with Marc Weidenbaum about the project.

My music piece called Neziba is based on three acoustic guitar recording which I edited with Ableton Live (mostly using it’s amazing Sampler). It was a short session of just a few hours, but I noticed immediately that the feeling of the piece would work well with the images of the video for which this piece was intended.

It involves the following video from video artist Josh Azzarella (then press the SoundCloud player with my music Neziba to play them at the same time):

My music:

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