DUBS high end ear protection

DUBS are cheap earplugs which reduce the volume without sacrificing the clarity of sound too much. I tried them out for a test.


I heard many cool things about the DUBS high end earplugs, so I contacted them to see if they were interested in sending me a sample. They were.

The concept

The DUBS are cheap (only $25 for a pair!) earplugs which reduce the volume without sacrificing the clarity of sound too much. They claim to offer 12 decibel reduction in volume for projecting your ears from ringing after a night out.

They DUBS come in a nice package for keeping them in your pocket. They use the same silicone rubber eartips as the ones that come with in-ear headphones.

Comfort and great sound

This weekend I’ve tried them at a concert of the band Smutfish in my hometown The Hague at the Paard.


The rubber eartips which are included are medium sized, but you can easily change them for a different size. For my rather small ears I decided to put smaller rubber eartips on them, the ones I am also using on my in ear headphones which are just a little bit smaller. Although they are smaller, the rubber feels a little stiffer than the ones which were included with the DUBS. So I guess that next time I will just use the rubber eartips which come with the DUBS.

The DUBS look stylish and feel comfortable to wear. I kept them in for about 3 hours without any irritation. All very good.

Sound wise they are amazing. The volume is indeed much lower but the sound is still very clear. I can imagine using these when playing live guitar myself because the clarity is really wonderful. I also tried them when playing acoustic guitar. This way the sound, although lowered in volume, was still clear enough to be able to play. Very cool!

I didn’t feel unconnected with the world around me during the concert. But I did notice that I started talking in a soft spoken tone. This is also a good thing 🙂

I can highly recommend these DUBS. They are cheap and look and feel great. Essential for people who need to protect their ears. Well, who doesn’t?

Buy yourself a pair at getdubs.com!

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