How to tune a guitar with Ableton Live

tunerRecording software (DAW) should have a build-in tuner. Period. Unfortunately the popular software program Ableton Live 9 doesn’t have one (NOTE: Ableton has included a native tuner in version 9.2, see update below). Now what?

My favourite piece of recording software, Propellerhead Reason has a cool tuner but unfortunately when you sync/slave it via Rewire to Live the tuner cannot be used because Rewire is not capable of sending audio from Ableton to Reason.

So how to tune your guitar with Ableton Live?


  1. Download the free GUITAR RIG 5 PLAYER. Not only do you get a Marshall amp sound-alike and a bunch of cool sounding effects, you also get a tuner!
  2. Download the free Max device fp-Tune. A device I found out about via Peter Kirn’s recent post on Max for Live devices.
  3. Forget Ableton Live, use your smartphone! For Android users, like myself, I can highly recommend the DaTuner lite (free version) tuner which is extremely precise and also works great on acoustic guitar.

What’s your favorite tuner? Let me know!

Update: Version 9.2 of Ableton Live now has a Tuner built-in.


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  1. Hans-Jürg May 9, 2016 at 4:26 pm #

    My favorite tuner is an old standalone tuner, that is 30 years old. on one side I plug in my bass and on the other side I plug in the PA…

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