the MOD: guitar modulation in Reason

The MOD/modulation section of Rockmen ReFill includes 35 modulation presets. Many of them are using the fantastic Pulveriser effect. Here’s a demosong I created as showcase for the modulation effects which were included in Rockmen:

This track uses nothing but a few of the presets of Rockmen ReFill. No EQ or compression was used. Only panning on the guitars and Master Compression on the stereo buss.

P.S. Three years ago I made a special about the Pulveriser. For one month I focussed on the sound capabilities of the Pulveriser device of Reason. When it was done I thought about making a ReFill for the Pulveriser. Over the years I worked on it but I never felt it was ready for showtime. For Rockmen ReFill I decided to include all the Pulveriser modulation presets I had created over the years. Yes, that’s insane 😀

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