Hear Grandmaster Flash explain “The Theory” and beatboxing on his Vox V829 Percussion King

Here’s a very cool video of Grandmaster Flash explaining his invention of using 2 turntables to “loop” the beat. A history lesson of hiphop/rap music for geeks. When I was a kid we were all rapping to The Message which we received in the Netherlands as well.

Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge
I’m trying not to lose my head
It’s like a jungle sometimes
It makes me wonder how I keep from goin’ under

At the end of that video Grandmaster Flash is using an old Vox V829 Percussion King. Very cool! Using two buttons for the snare, one for the single hit and one for the snare roll.

still from video

(thanks Zebra404 for the tip!)

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