Bass Balls [Pulveriser]

Today I want to zoom in on the greatness of the Pulveriser device for bass sounds. Not only has the Pulveriser some funky filters but also its envelope Follower is a great bonus for extra funkiness.

For our today’s example I’ve made a fat sounding bass with just a Thor, Pulveriser + Spider Audio. I’ve combined them in a Combi and saved the patch for later use. I’m working on a special ReFill for this Pulveriser series I’ve started doing since the 1st of July.

Let’s zoom in how the patch works: I’ve set up a Thor so it generates sound using 3 sawtooth oscillators. I’m using no filtering in Thor for this example since I want to focus on using the Filter section of the Pulveriser.

On the Pulveriser I’m using the Low Pass 24 filter with the Frequency set to minimum in combination with the Follower for “playing the filter”. When I start playing notes on the Thor the gate of the Follower will be opened and will push the Frequency parameter to go up (I’ve set Follower to Frequency to 100%). I’ve pushed the Tone back a little for a darker synth sound and Dirt is set to almost 50%.

I’m also using a Spider Audio device because I want to modulate the Filter Frequency a little bit. The Spider Audio device is splitting the output of Thor to go into the Pulveriser but also to split it so I can use it as an input for the Filter Frequency of the Audio Modulation Input section on the back of the Pulveriser device.

Here’s a simple demo track I’ve created using this configuration. I’m only playing the keys, so no extra parameter automation or filter sweeping are going on.

I must say that Thor has some great sounding filters. The Pulveriser filters sounds completely different though. Which is nice because we have more stuff to choose from. And more stuff to learn! 😀

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