It was 20 years ago today…

Reason 1.0 was released on November 22, 2000. I fell in love with the program and bought it straight away. Although it lacked audio recording, I preferred it over Cubase. I loved the interface, loved the tightly integrated sound devices and effects and was impressed by its rock stable performance.

Cubase at the time was very unstable, mostly because of plugins, which felt strange because on the Atari it used to run flawlessly. So Reason was definitely the next step for making music. Bye bye Cubase, welcome Reason!

And man did I love the Factory SoundBank! Back in the day I used Roland D110 and U220 devices. Those devices were so clean and dull sounding. But the sounds that were included in the Factory SoundBank were not clean at all. The included DrRex loops for example, Chemical Loops, Abstract HipHop and so on, mostly done by eLAB, had a grittiness to them which sounded retro and modern at the same time. Reason inspired many musicians and bands. Among who Liam Howlett of The Prodigy:

If Reason hadn’t come along I would probably still be in my studio, depressed, going “aww bloody ‘ell, don’t know what I’m gonna do”, you know? I don’t want to pat Propellerhead on the back too much, but… Reason has literally changed my life, getting me back in the studio and enjoying it all again. It’s taken the monotony out of music making and put it into a format where music should be these days – no big deal, just something that should be fun to do. Creation is always painful, but this is the least painful way I know of.

The Prodigal Reasoner by Fredrik Hägglund

When I started my company Melodiefabriek in 2003, soon I got asked by Propellerhead to design patches for Reason. And the rest is history…

Till this day I am very much involved with Reason, as a patch designer and with doing beta testing Reason and Rack Extensions.

To celebrate those 20 years Reason Studios gives away a Goodie Bag, a free downloadable zip which includes the very first Reason demo songs, two ReFills and more. In the effects section of the Reason20 Community ReFill 15 of my patches are included. You can recognise them by the naming tag ‘byM’.


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