12th anniversary of Melodiefabriek!


Today it is the 12th anniversary of my own company, my Melody Factory, my soulful company for supersonic stuff!

  • My music and sounds travel all over the world.
  • I sell sounds through my own shop to customers worldwide.
  • Since a few months I can also call myself a sound artist because my music was used for the Momentum exhibition for a couple months at the San Jose Museum of Art..
  • My music is used in many videos.
  • My album KlankBeeld has been downloaded more than 53,000 times.
  • My sounds for Propellerhead Reason software are used by many musicians worldwide.
  • I get many compliments from professional colleagues and interested people.
  • At the time of writing I am working on two very cool music assignments.
  • I can go on and on.

I am determined and satisfied.

This is exactly what I want. I feel blessed.

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2 Responses to 12th anniversary of Melodiefabriek!

  1. Martin April 17, 2015 at 1:24 am #

    Hey Marco, congratulations, that’s great, appreciate all your contributions on the forums!

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