Raapie is a moniker, a nickname I am using for many years on the Propellerhead Forum. But I’ve also used it for the raapie.nl blog I’ve had running for a couple of years since 2000. From 2001 – 2003 I made a couple of ReFills under the Raapie nickname as an amateur sound designer. At the time I was a global webmaster and project manager for Getronics. In early 2003 I started my own company and decided to call it Melodiefabriek, a name I’m still using for all my work. I am also using my real name, Marco Raaphorst. Soon after I started Melodiefabriek, Propellerhead Software started using my services as a professional sound designer and sample creator.

I can’t change the Raapie name on the Propellerhead website because it’s connected to my account for the software licenses. But this is no problem, it’s a funny reminder of the past in a stickie kind of way 😀

My credits for loops and samples in Reason 8

My credits for sound design/patching in Reason 8

Melodiefabriek is a very european sounding name like Blaupunkt, BASF, Audi, Adidas, Volskwagen and so on. I am from the Netherlands and proud to be 100% Dutch, 100% European.

For more information about me, see the About page.

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