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Project Soli

Google Project Soli shows us the future of controlling knobs, buttons & sliders

Project Soli has developed a 5x5mm radar sensor that tracks sub-millimeter motions at high speed and accuracy. It fits onto a tiny small chip which can be built into small devices for all sorts of objects. This might be the next step in interface design for musical instruments and interfaces for controlling audio. It’s still early days for Project Soli, but […]

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Steely Dan, Bob Clearmountain and The Drop

Earlier today when Peter Kirn mentioned his blogpost ‘Where’s the Drop? Web App Creepily Knows Via The Crowd’ on Facebook the first thing I thought was: how is this related to the Clearmountain Pauze? If you’re not familiair with the Clearmountain Pauze, listen to this episode of the Pitch podcast: The Drop is this stylistic thing in […]

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Roger Linn’s Shuffle

A year ago I made the documentary Oostende Healing about Marvin Gaye’s Midnight Love album which he recorded in Belgium (close to where I live, the Netherlands). What makes the album so special is that he used a Roland TR-808 throughout the whole album for the first time. The Roland TR-808 is now considered a classic but at the time Roland […]

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Flow: undull the rex-file

I am a Reason user since version 1. One of the things that was so innovative about Reason at the time was Dr:REX which could run stereo rex-loops. This supa dupa device has transformed into Dr OctoRex since Reason 5 with an additional feature-set and 8 slots for loops. But even with Dr:REX, using only one loop, you could […]

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