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I might buy a MacBook Pro

I might buy a MacBook Pro; the new Intel Core 2 Duo version. OSX looks sexy, Vista looks bad, I need more RAM than my Sony Z1 laptop which is over 3 years old can handle … … I might … Photo by moderelax1966

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My interview with Vicky Taylor of BBC Interactivity

As introduction for the World Audio Festival 2006 (9 November 2006) I did an interview yesterday morning with Vicky Taylor of BBC Interactivity. I used my JoeMeek condensor-mic over Skype which seems to work quit well. The podcast of the interview is published on the Dutch webstite De Nieuwe Reporter. The little tune I am […]

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Beck on the changes in the music industry

This morning when I was having my first cup of coffee, almost random I found an interesting online interview at Wired with the artist Beck. I like Beck’s music a lot because it’s a hybrid form of old and new sounds and music-styles which are highly accessible. In the interview, Beck talks about remixing possibilities […]

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Sharing economy: sharing is great for business

We’re living in a sharing economy, based on peer production. Although Apple and Microsoft tend to put DRM on their products, many other companies don’t believe this is the way to go. Sharing has worked since the beginning of the Internet. It also worked for me. When I bought Reason version 1 and started the […]

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Cirocco is live, check out the Cuckoo video!

As some of you might know: I released a remix some time ago under the moniker RobotVomit based on the vocals of Lisa DeBenedictis’ track Cuckoo. It got some great reviews at, recieved an Editorial Pick and was selected for the Creative Commons Nederland DVD (Dutch text). Then on March 17, 2006 during the […]

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