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My interview for VPRO 3VOOR12

Two days ago I was interviewed by Thomas van Aalten for VPRO’s 3VOOR12 website (VPRO: Dutch television and radio). This article (Dutch text), about Creative Commons versus BUMA (the Dutch ASCAP), is a great read. I translated some of the very interesting parts of this article into English. (more…)

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Dvorak to Duke Ellington

The Duke is a milestone figure in modern music. Ellington created a link between New Orleans and classical music. So please check out the Dvorak to Duke Ellington podcast. A mp3-link is also available on the page. While you’re at the Dvorak to Duke Ellington page, do check out the link to the superb photographs […]

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Arrrgh! Where is my dongle?

I just received an interesting E-mail from MI7, the Steinberg distributors. Here’s what they are trying to tell me: As from today we can no longer replace stolen or lost USB keys. This is due to a new policy from Steinberg. We ask everyone to have understanding about this. Here are the guidlines we have […]

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Nailing the TB-303 squelch in Reason

Now that ReBirth is dead, we probably will miss it’s squelch, bubble and bleepy sound. I am not a purist, so I felt it was interesting to simulate it in Reason 3 using no samples. I needed one Malström to get okay results (that famous squelch, bubble and bleep). With that patch I created 2 […]

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The end of

Yes, the website is over. To make people move from to I wrote a long text, a little history so to speak. Just a few highlights, although there is so much more to write about; it was hard to choose. was a weblogger website and a very popular and personal one. […]

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ReBirth’s afterlife

Today Propellerhead Software announces that ReBirth is officially discontinued. Dead and put in a museum. Good news: a free Rebirth RB 338 Refill, containing many cool ReBirth mods! Propellerhead gives the 2.1 version away as a free .iso image now! So you can create your own ReBirth disk and install it. Very smart of the […]

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