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sosThis month’s Sound On Sound, UK magazine for recording musicians, puts the spotlights on my Combi Manifesto 1 sound design package for Reason 3.

On page 228 of the October 2005 issue of SOS in the right column you will find an article about me and my Combi Manifesto 1 package:

Marco Raaphorst, known to the Reason community as Raapie, is a long-standing creator of patches for our virtual studio. He also contributed to the factory Refill for v3.0. His latest work includes a modest but intricately programmed Combinator patch collection, together with a set of all-new patches for the Subtractor and Malström devices that are these Combis’ only sound sources. Combi Manifesto 1 features 22 patches that aim to keep CPU load as low as possible while pushing the device’s signal-routing and sound-design possibilities. Combinator controllers have been thoughtfully set up (some even change pattern parameters on Matrix devices), and a new graphic ‘backdrop’ has been created for each patch. Surf to, have a listen to the demos and be prepared to fork over a mere £5.50/US$10/Euro 8.25 for the zipped 5.9MB download.

For more details, do check out the Combi Manifesto 1 post.

The article is available online for SOS subscribers.

Update: I removed the scanned image for a quote.

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