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Who owns culture?

I just read an excellent article at about the current copyright madness. I mean; the music industry is probably the only industry where everything is protected by someone’s copyright. Fair use for example, does it still exist in the music industry? I don’t think so. Unless you are adopting Creative Commons, that is.

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MONO check for Reason

Most of you might think that listening to music in mono is old-fasioned and not interesting at all. Sure, stereo can achieve a better listening experience in most cases, but you won’t believe how many people are still using mono-systems everyday. (more…)

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Bob Moog passed away

Bob Moog passed away Aug 21, 2005 after stuggling with a brain tumor. Bob was one of the true innovators of music and an inspiration for many musicians. Update; I found this Moog-source on the site of the New York Times

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