The Reason why

reason blokjesYou might wonder why I often write about Propellerhead Reason music software. Well, here’s the reason why:

Within a couple of hours after I had tried the demo version of Propellerhead Reason 1.0 for the first time, this was early 2001, I went straight to my local music shop to buy it. This was something that changed my world. Although I was happy with Cubase on the Atari 1040st, I didn’t really appreciate the PC version. Reason was different with its great sounding and superbly integrated rack devices. Reason didn’t include the super clean sounds of Chinese Romplers but had quite a lot of naughty sounds on board, included in its Factory SoundBank. I’m glad it didn’t because I have always hated those lifeless plastic not-so fantastic Rompler sounds.

If I had to choose two of my favorite devices I would pick Dr.REX loop player and the Subtractor synthesizer. Since that first day with Reason I programmed the Subtractor day in day out. For years and years. That way I became a Reason expert. So when I started my own music company in April 2003 I quickly got an email from Propellerhead asking me if I would be interested to program some custom patches and loops for Reason 3. And with that my long collaboration with Propellerhead had started.

Over the years Reason has gotten even more interesting. The main things it lacked, audio and a MIDI output, were added. Reason 7 is definitely the best Reason version ever. And in my opinion also the best studio software ever, since it can be extended with 3rd party Rack Extensions (tightly integrated in the Reason rack), includes a great sounding SSL mixing board and offers a great new way to mixing using parallel channels.

Thanks to Reason I can create my music faster and better sounding than ever before.