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Steely Dan, Bob Clearmountain and The Drop

Earlier today when Peter Kirn mentioned his blogpost ‘Where’s the Drop? Web App Creepily Knows Via The Crowd’ on Facebook the first thing I thought was: how is this related to the Clearmountain Pauze? If you’re not familiair with the Clearmountain Pauze, listen to this episode of the Pitch podcast: The Drop is this stylistic thing in […]

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Complete list of all Beatles anomalies: What Goes On

“Comparing the work of The Beatles to modern music is unfair: The Beatles were innovating, experimenting, and working beyond the limits of the equipment. Equipment that at the time was the best available, but now looks very dated and clumsy. Modern recording technology allows the tiniest anomalous sound to be erased flawlessly, and performances to […]

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A fab compressor [Pulveriser]

Gotta love that tune. Gotta love how that drumsound gets mixed in with a room sound every measure after the guitar riff. Mixed by the hands and ears of engineer Ken Scott. Mixed in real time like a live performance. One of the not so secret ingredients, other than the towels on Ringo’s toms and […]

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