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Leslie LFO [Pulveriser]

The Tremor section in Pulveriser is an LFO which can modulate the Filter Frequency parameter and/or the main output Volume parameter. You can set the Rate to a specific value and the modulation will occur in that tempo. What I will show you in today’s example is how you can change that tempo, that Rate […]

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Musical LFO [Pulveriser]

The LFO in the Tremor section in Pulveriser has 3 LFO waveforms which can be used for oscillating the pitch of a synth or sampler device. And yes I hear you say “but that’s possible with any LFO device in Reason!”. True but the cool things about those 3 LFO waveforms is that they will […]

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Tremor Rhythm Cuts [Pulveriser]

You can modulate the Volume parameter of the Reason PulveriserĀ using the LFO in the Tremor section. This is a great way for achieving Tremolo effects. But not only in a traditional sense since this LFO can produce many different types of waveforms including the one I’d like to focus on for today’s experiment: square modulation. […]

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