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SpeedyJ interview and video

How did it all start? “In the mid 80’s I bought some turntables with a tape recorder, a Revox, which I still own. With these tools I started to made loops. At first I started doing live mixing, DJ battles in hiphop-style with Robin Albers, who had a competition (Dutch mixing championships). And other locals […]

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Power Tools for Reason 2.5

Power Tools for Reason 2.5, a book tutorial for Reason, the popular virtual music studio software by Propellerhead, is launched. The book was written by Kurt Kurasaki a.k.a. Peff and published by Backbeat Books. I have composed a demo song for the CD-rom which is enclosed in the book, called Grrrroove.

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High in the charts of Vitaminic

Today I received the news that in two days time (!) my song Grrrroove hit the 6th position in the charts of Vitaminic.com. This is at the highest level, independent of style. In the ‘funk’ category my song is at number one at the moment 🙂 Vitaminic and MP3.com are the biggest promoters of music […]

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Kurt Kurasaki (nickname: Peff) asked me to compose a piece of music for the CD-rom/book ‘Power Tools for Reason 2.5’ which Kurt is writing at the moment. That song became Grrrroove.

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clickcomm logo


For Click Sounds, a project created by marketing company Click Communicatie, I have composed two tracks. Plus additional consultancy work (advice on how to use Logic and MIDI in their setups).

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Ableton Live demo

For the 3rd time the 2-days music-fair VSTdays will be organized. On the 14th & 15th of June 2003 I will demostrate the innovative software Ableton Live 2.0 during the VSTdays at the Novotel, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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