Sound Design for music software

Presets, samples and sounds can inspire and speed up the proces of music making.

Some of these presets can be very complex, containing sequences which can be used like samples but in a more flexible way.

Same as for effects presets which can contain much complexity under the hood while offering a simple interface for quick operation.

Some interface/GUI design is also part of the proces.

My name is Marco Raaphorst. I provide sound design for musicians as a service.

Listen to some of the examples down below.

Interested? Let me know!

A quick showcase…

New Desire, a Reason+ Pack

“A soulful selection of sounds, perfect for that groovy vibe. Pick between piano, keys, electric bass and guitar, or use them simultaneously.”

Scandi Noir, a Reason+ Pack with patches which feel almost like a mix between a samples and presets. 

The iPad version of the Reason Thor contains my patches, for example:

Presets for FabFilter Twin & Twin 2.

FabFilter logo

I am known for my long term collaboration with Reason Studios creating patches, samples and Packs (hundreds of my patches are included in Reason).

Propellerhead Reason

And last but not least, have a look at the presets/packages available in the Melodiefabriek Shop.

Does this sound interesting?