VPRO Plundert Musea

3VOOR12 Plundert Musea is a collaboration between 3VOOR12, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and the Rotterdam Wereldmuseum. 3VOOR12 wants visitors to create their own music out of sample, in line with the “do it yourself” mentality of 3VOOR12. The target group of 3VOOR12 makes extensive use of, and is listening to (music made ​​by) samples. Many computers are equipped with audio editing programs, software is free to download on the Internet. The collections of the museums contain unique musical instruments and sounds that artists inspire new creations. New music, made ​​with “old” instruments.

Melodiefabriek was commisioned by VPRO (Nederlands Publieke Omroep) to compose a showcase track, perform it live on stage in Studio80, Amsterdam to show how it was created.